First, please know if you work full time and no one is home all day, I only consider selling 2 together unless you have another dog, and it will not be kept in a crate all day. People wonder why they have a doodle that's so bad,or any dog, and if they are home alone all day, they will be ,from loneliness and boredom.

Reserving a puppy ------------ If you would like to reserve a pup, please fill out an application. If they are not born it's 250. for a NON REFUNDABLE deposit,  When born, it will be the amount that makes it half paid for, depending on size. Paid in full at 6 weeks of age . If none are available at expected date times, deposit will roll over to next breeding dates for size/type.NO REFUNDS!!!

Why are they so expensive ?---------    My price's are from year's, and year's of dedication , commitment, labor, and love. My prices are very reasonable comparitively speaking. Heartlight was the first breeder of labradoodles in Georgia, and now for many generations, goldendoodles. We are here 24/7, this is our life... I will always own doodles,  love them!!!!!!

Visiting ------------ You may visit pup's at 5 week's of age with NO touching to protect them from Parvo. Parvo is very easily transmitted  through anything ,from anywhere. They have their booster by 6 week's, and a few days after you can visit to meet and greet.:) They will be ready to go at 8 week's of age. We update our website each week to watch them grow. And post updates on our Facebook page...

After you leave ------ Please remember ,DO NOT take your pup to a pet store ,park ,groomer  or anywhere, until their 3rd booster at 12 week's. When you get them home, they will need quiet time to adjust to new people ,place's, and smell's. Do not overwhelm them. You will receive a bag of their Diamond Puppy, Health Record for your vet, and toy's.